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Major Characters[]

  • Dan
  • Amy
  • Jonah Wizard


Amy was thinking about what the next Clue could be. But why think about it when you can find it? She picked up her new laptop and wrote in, "Grace Cahill". This was the name of her grandmother, who had started the Clue hunt. Maybe they could snatch the next Clue easily if they knew what it was? Nothing about the Grace Cahill that she knew came up, only about people with the same name. But then she noticed that tickets to a concert were being sold, and it said that Grace was performing. That could never happen - Grace had passed away! She looked closer. It didn't actually say that Grace was performing. It said that one of her family members were. But who - ? And then she figured it out. The performer was simply Jonah Wizard, her cousin and international pop star. Jonah had become a rapper, an actor, an author, and a model by order of the Janus branch. And soon, he would he would make them pay. But not before he brought the pain to his own cousins.

More coming soon!