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Alice Baker is a brown haired,green eyed American Cathill.


She is a plain girl with brown hair and a tan almost all year round. Her lime green eyes stand out in dark contrast to her hair. She is very tall.

Athletic Abilities[]

She is not much of a athlete,all though she can run fast. She prefers to sit under s giant Oak Tree in her front yard.


Alice lives in Diamond,MO,in a large white house in the outskirts of town. She works at the Peanut factory a couple of miles away.

Birth and Death[]

She was born 1995 in Diamond.

Plot appearences[]

She apears in:



Plot importance[]

In,Nutty,she only appears briefly,when she befriends Amy when the are taking a Tour though George Washington Carvers home. When the Kabra's bust in,it can be assumed that she quit her job.

In Pirate,she is seen in Boston taking a trip to visit her Scandanavian Uncle (who lives in Scandiviava .She plays a major role in this book,even going so far as to shoot One of The Kabra's.

Ex Info[]

She faked her age so she could get a job to help her family.

She has never gotton below a B.

She hates the Kabras.