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Amy Cahill was born to Arthur Trent, and Hope Cahill. She later was adopted by Beatrice Much later she was odopted by Nellie Gomez. In Cahills United she is the #1 in the Madringak council.


The Cahill start:

Amy is Madringal #1. She is also still with Evan Toliver. She makes the plan. She also kisses Evan when she leaves for Russia. She also mentiones that she still sort of likes Ian, and Jake still when she sees Jake again. Jake also tries to kiss Amy, but Amy stops him.

The Blade Trap:

Amy is still thinking of Jake trying to kiss her. She,a nd Jake later fall into the blade trap, and Jake kisses Amy. When they are free by Dan, and Natalie Amy runs off counfused.

Never trust a Vesper:

Amy is found by Dent. She tells Dent of the kiss with Jake, and Evan. She later has a dream of Evan, and Jake fighting, and then Ian steps up. She is re-united with Dan at the end.

The return of Isabel

Amy, Ian, Natalie, and Dan are trapped by Isabel. Later the 4 are split in 4. She later finds Natalie. They talk, and Amy learns that Natalie likes Dan. They all re-unite. Ian then offers Amy a dance which Amy declines.

The secret one

Amy meets the dark figure, and followes him to a alley where a letter telling Amy were the next key to the prize is. Amy dose not do much after this.

The Last Love

Kurt (From Vipers nest) comes. Amy then gets super counfused. Kurt finds the 6th key, and kisses Amy. Then Damien appears, and almost kills Amy, but Kurt is the one who ends up dead. Amy vowes that Damien will go down.

The mastermind of the master:

Amy finds the clue to head to Dallas,Texas. She soon sees a bomb set by Sinead, and disabeals it in time. She later meets Sinead, and is almost forced to join the Vespers. Dan then arrives, and Amy stays with the Cahills.

Cahills Unite:

Amy leads the Cahill Unite Speech. Thanks to Amy the Cahills are united , and find the last key.

Last Run:

Amy is almost shot by Damian, but is saved by Sinead (she still lives). Amy tells Ian, and Jake that she loves Evan. At the end she choses to bring Hope Cahill back alive.