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4 monthes after the Cahills beat the Vespers Amy, and Dan decided to unite the Cahills now. They will travel all around Earth to unite them.[]


Amy Cahill: Madringal leader #1. Her boyfriend is Evan Toliver. She wants peace between both Cahills, and Vespers.

Dan Cahill: Madringal leader #2. He developes a crush on Natalie Kabra. He also wants to beat V1 in finding the "ultamate prize".

Ian Kabra: Lucian leader #1. He still has a minor crush on Amy. Evan starts to not like Ian.

Natalie Kabra: Ian"s sister. She developes a crush on Dan. Ian tries to make fun of her.

Klaw: Lucian leader #2. He joins Isabell on the search for the Utamate prize.

Hamilton Holt: Tomas. He becomes fast friends with Marco Saquel.

Einshower Holt: Tomas leader #1. He doae not realy appear much until book 7.

Regan Holt: Hamiltons sister. She plans on winning the Olympics in swimming.

Madison Holt: Regans win. She dose not understand why Hamilton is friends with Marco.

Marco Saquel: Hamiltons best friend,

Mary todd Holt: Tomas leader #2. She hardly appears at all.

Alstair Oh: Ecat leader #1. He belives that the ultamate prize is bringing a dead one back to life.

Ted Starling: Ecat leader #2. He hardly appears.

Ned Starling: Dent's partner. He wishes to find Sinead.

Johana Wizard: Janus #1. He appears in a few books.

Brodrick Wizard: Jauns #2. Johanas dad.

Dent: A madringal. He, Ned, and Selena try to find Sinead Starling, Damien Vesper, and Isabel Kabra.

Selena: Dent's 2nd helper. She has a small crush on Ned, and Dent.

Jake Rosenbloon: Regukar guy. He still is in love with Amy.

Atticus Rosnbloon: Gurdian. Dan's best friend.

Nellie Gomez: Amy, and Dans mom. She falls for Mark Helios.

Mark Helios: Nellies crush. They are shown together often.


The team must find the ultamte prize before the Vesper Rebels do.